Our Projects


This is a community-based training targeted at ordinary citizens to equip them with basic first aid skills to save lives and be confident in approaching medical emergencies.


This project is focused on equipping commercial drivers, Military Men, Police Officers and men of the road safety commission with basic First Aid skills.  Through this project, we organize periodic training for the beneficiaries, donation of First AID boxes and the #StopTheBleed Campaign. To carry this out, we partner with the leadership of the drivers’ union and other relevant stakeholders.

StopTheBleed Campaign

This is an international campaign by www.stopthebleed.org which is targeted at preparing ordinary citizens to save the lives of nearby victims bleeding severely. This preparation is being done by raising awareness and teaching people how to learn three quick actions to control serious bleeding.

World First Aid Day Symposium

This is an annual campaign in September to promote the importance of first aid training in preventing injuries and saving lives. Our activities during the day also cover round table discussions on the need for government to establish a National Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to rescue Nigerians during times of emergency conditions.

Research and Policy Influencing

As a way of increasing the impact of our work, we also carry out community-based research on issues surrounding first aid and emergency care in the local community while summiting reports of our findings to appropriate quarters to guide their policy formulation.